Suzanne Esser Sieraden
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Ring. ebony, folded silversheet, silver   2006 Ring: Ebony wood and red coral Ring: ebony, lenght 7 cm 2003/ Ring: silver, 3cm/2,5cm   2008 Ring, ebony, lenght and diameter 4c,/3cm,  2003 ringen: 2x folder siversheets   2006 2 Ringen: folder siversheets, 2006 2 Ringen: big one, ebony, silver, paint / ebony, silver, paint   2008 2 Ringen: ebony, haematite, silver, paint/ ebony, patinated silver, coral  2006 3 ringen: folded silver sheet  2cm/3,5cm   2006/2006 Ring; zapatero wood, paint, bronze chain, diameter 3cm  2004